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Agua Fresca’s

It’s been a crazy past few weeks for me. At my company, it’s either slow or CRAZY busy. No in between. These past two weeks have consisted of pulling off events of 2000+ people with limited staff while maintaining restaurant …

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Strawberry Lime Ice Cream

This week, as I was sitting in our house with the ac currently on the fritz I thought to myself, what do I really want right now? Answer: ice cream. But not just any ice cream, something refreshing. Something complex. …

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Greek Yogurt Tart with Pistachio Graham Crust

  One thing that happened on my vacation in Italy was that I fell in love with strawberries all over again. They were exquisite, and I seldom use that word. They’re a smaller and sweeter variety that we have in …

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Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Blueberry Compote

  Quick question.. is it bad that after one week of being back from vacation I’m already researching the next? I think I may have caught the travel bug. I’m currently dreaming of vacationing in Hong Kong, Greece, Hawaii, and …

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Garlic Monkey Bread / Vaca Recap

Hi friends! I’m back from vacation! These past two weeks have just flown by, but here’s a little recap of where I went and what I did. Our fancy dinner at La Pergola in RomeFirst, we flew out to Rome …

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Mint Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches (no churn)

I didn’t become a fan of mint desserts until I met my boyfriend. When we started dating, we’d often go out for ice cream. He would get mint, and I’d get banana (naturally). One day he convinced me to try …

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Apricot Brown Butter Tart

  Summer is HERE baby! And all my favorite fruits are displayed as pretty as can be in grocery stores and farmers markets. Stone fruits… cherries.. does anyone else get as excited for food as I do?? I had this …

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White Chocolate Fudge with Raspberry & Salted Almonds

Happy Memorial Day everyone!! This day is very special. Today we celebrate those brave people who stood up and fought for our country. Those same people who died for our country. I personally don’t have many friends or relatives who …

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Peanut Butter & Jelly Pie

  With Memorial Day and 4th of July just around the corner I thought to myself, I need to be sharing more pie recipes! And this idea popped into my head right away. Peanut butter and jelly have got to …

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Mango Key Lime Pie

For the past 6 years that I’ve been in Denver, my mother has been coming out to visit me for Mother’s Day weekend. We went shopping, ate a little too much food, saw “Life of the Party” in some new …

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