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Cheesy Babka Loaf

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Hot Cross Buns

After my not so great week last week, I got into the dentist and had a root canal done. Success! No more radiating pain in my tooth! But now I’ve come down with a cold. (insert a not amused face …

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Ancho Chocolate Pots De Creme

You ever have one of those weeks where everything seems to go wrong? Geez. This week, a repair man was working on a unit upstairs, hit an important pipe and flooded both our bathrooms. I pulled something weird in my …

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Grocery Store Sugar Cookies

You know which cookies I’m talking about. They’re in the fresh baked isle in your grocery store, always in a plastic container, always covered in pastel frosting and ALWAYS with sprinkles. They’re sometimes called Lofthouse Sugar Cookies, although I’m not …

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Guava Bars

Hi friends! Excuse my absence, I just finished a two-week stretch at work and haven’t had much time to do anything else! Another successful Denver Restaurant Week in the books. I always have this crazy fear that I just won’t …

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It’s that time again… DENVER RESTAURANT WEEK. Restaurant week is a full week where diners can go out to participating restaurants and eat a three-course gourmet meal for 35 bucks. Think of it like black Friday for foodies. Restaurants book …

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Chocolate Orange Mug Cake

It’s that time again: Valentine’s Day. Whether your celebrating with a special someone, your best pal, or you’re going solo this year, I’ve got dessert covered for you. Nothing screams Valentine’s day more than chocolate, am I right? I can’t …

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Blood Orange Meringue Tart

Already one month down of 2018! January is usually our slowest month at the restaurant, so I’ve had lots of free time these past few weeks. I’ve started a new workout routine that I’m very excited about. Aside from baking …

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Cherry Pop Tarts

I’ve had the last three days off from work and let me tell ya, I still spent the majority of my time in my own kitchen cooking up some sweet stuff! Not complaining though, cooking is my happy place! Especially …

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Blood Orange Caramel Cake

One good thing about life during the winter is the awesome fruit that comes with it. BLOOD ORANGES. What the hell is this crazy fruit anyway? And why do I think I like it more because of how unique it …

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