Denver Dessert Destinations

Is your sweet tooth singing? You’re in the right place! Denver has tons of fantastic eateries making some high quality candy, chocolates, pastries, and cakes that will make your day that much better. Here are some of the best desserts in Denver and a bit of information about where you can find them. Be sure to come back to this list the next time you’re looking to sample some treats that you won’t soon forget. For more information on local destinations and how to enjoy them, click here!
494 E 19th Avenue
This restaurant has it all, and in a convenient location. Amazing dinner, crafted drinks, and some award winning desserts brought to you by the celebrity chef Keegan Gerhard. From beignets filled with nutella to build your own sundaes, it’s safe to say you will be feeling satisfied after leaving here.
1433 Larimer Street
This French destination has a lot more to offer than their exquisite champagne and small plates! The molten chocolate cake topped with house made whipped cream and berries will leave you enamored, much like everybody else who has tried it. It will be the first dessert that the servers recommend!
1525 Blake Street
Can you say Mexican food and margaritas? The bustling atmosphere here makes it a perfect choice for groups, and the dessert menu isn’t lacking. The ice cream that is covered in corn flakes and deep fried is both unique and comforting. Pair it with their airy sopapillas dusted with cinnamon sugar, and you’ve got a winner all around.
1890 E Evans Avenue
This Middle Eastern restaurant in the University area is know for their fresh cuisine. Their menu of gyros, schwarmas, and falafel is hearty in a healthy way. The main thing you wont want to miss out on is their display of house made baklava. It doesn’t get any more authentic than this! The crisp phyllo dough creation saturated with the butter, vanilla, honey, and cinnamon is to die for.