Ancho Chocolate Pots De Creme

You ever have one of those weeks where everything seems to go wrong? Geez. This week, a repair man was working on a unit upstairs, hit an important pipe and flooded both our bathrooms. I pulled something weird in my right hip, so cannot get in a decent workout without hurting myself further. Then, I get a fierce toothache late Saturday evening (and of course I cannot do anything about it until the weekend is over). And to top it all off, I’ve mistakenly bitten the same part of my inner lip about twice now. TWICE! Geez, at least there’s sweet stuff in the world to compensate for bad weeks, am I right?
Let’s get to that sweet stuff..
I, for one, am a HUGE chocolate fan. Also, a huge pudding fan (the fridge is literally always stocked with snack pack pudding cups). So here is my Pots de Crème recipe (pronounced POH DE CREM). It’s a no bake version, and quite honestly, WAY easier than a baked version. I love the ancho in this because it’s such a subtle and natural compliment to the dark chocolate. At first bite you’ll just get a nice smooth and rich chocolatey flavor, and that little spice will hit you at the end. Perfectly balanced, these two flavors are a match made in heaven.
Feel free to omit the ancho if you just want to get down and dirty with some chocolate!

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