Blood Orange Meringue Tart

Already one month down of 2018! January is usually our slowest month at the restaurant, so I’ve had lots of free time these past few weeks. I’ve started a new workout routine that I’m very excited about. Aside from baking and pastry, my health and fitness has been a long-time passion of mine. I started running years ago and it not only helped with my confidence, it helped with my mental clarity and ability to handle stress. I lost 50 pounds since I first began my fitness journey, and I’m very proud of that! People ask me all the time if I eat my own desserts. The answer: OF COURSE! I maintain a regularly healthy and active lifestyle so that i can eat desserts (and pasta, and steak, and buttery potatoes) when I want to. All about moderation right? It would be a sad, sad world for me if I deprived myself of simple joys like sweets. Dessert for me is something special. Anniversaries, holidays, new jobs, house warmings, dinner parties, THE SUPER BOWL, birthdays; any celebration would be less celebratory without a dessert! These are the times where I come in, with sweets in both hands.
Which brings me to today’s recipe. This simple but stunning tart is the perfect end to any Valentine’s Day meal. If you like blood oranges, now is the time to eat, cook, and bake with them as much as you can!

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