Cherry Pop Tarts

I’ve had the last three days off from work and let me tell ya, I still spent the majority of my time in my own kitchen cooking up some sweet stuff! Not complaining though, cooking is my happy place! Especially when I avoid any cooking fails!
I’ve really been thinking about what kind of sweets to make for Valentine’s day. Valentine’s isn’t only celebrated with couples, it’s one of those days you want to share your love for whoever is around! So with that in mind, I put together a recipe for Cherry Pop Tarts! Parents, these would be perfect for you to make for your little one. What kid doesn’t like pop tarts? I can remember a time in high school where my diet consisted primarily of pop tarts, and I’m pretty sure every person raised in the 90’s has that same memory. Talk about the perfect snack.. They’re portable, came two in a pack, and hot or cold- they were always delicious. Just don’t come to me with the “unfrosted” pop tart- I mean.. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? Unacceptable.

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