Blood Orange Caramel Cake

One good thing about life during the winter is the awesome fruit that comes with it. BLOOD ORANGES. What the hell is this crazy fruit anyway? And why do I think I like it more because of how unique it is? Well, because it is different, and therefore: special. You can thank anthocyanins for the dark red flesh of this orange, which is a ‘family of antioxidant pigments’ common in various fruits, but not so common in citrus. Fruits like raspberries, blueberries, cherries.. pretty much those with dark pigments.. (I researched this, didn’t actually know off hand).
Anyway- blood oranges in my opinion have a slightly different taste. A bit sweeter and less acidic. They can be found at the grocery store- I found several at my local once here in Denver. The rind is an ordinary orange color, but if you should be able to tell which variety by the label on the fruit.
If you can’t find them at the store- they are available on Amazon!

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